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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 28, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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accept the position if she wins. a man arrested in connection with the vandalism of donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. the los angeles police department says jamie otis taken into custody without incident, facing a felony vand limit charge. new information about what's contained in a mountain of information allegedly pilfered by a former nsa contractor. hard martin is in custody for allegedly million pages of secret information. a court filing from prosecutors says that information includes numerous names of intelligence officers working for the united states, revealing roadway identities of american spies, obviously, putting them in real danger. only one death reported from the twin earthquakes that rattled central italy. that person died from a heart attack that may have been triggered from powerful shaking.
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it was stationed miles from a deadly earthquake striking two months ago killing 300 people. a new development in the case that put cyber bullying in the national spotlight. the former roommate of the rutgers university freshman who committed suicide six years ago pled guilty to attempted invasion of privacy. he used a web cam to spy on clemente wduring an intimate encounter with another man. the bias, inti conviction was overturned last month. >> one of the world's oldest home remedies may have been debunked. a new study suggests drinking cranberry juice or other cranberry products will not cure urinary tract infections. nursing home residents who took the capsules did not have fewer utis than those treated with pla
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washington, d.c. sends 40 kids to the hospital. it happened along the d.c.-maryland border. 43 students hurt, three adults, and the school bus driver. a crew called in after fuel leaked out of one of the buss. investigators are not sure what caused that crash. a co-ed at texas a&m university in trouble for some alleged outlandish behavior. 19-year-old miranda raider arrested on misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charges after crashing her vehicle into a police cruiser. raider was ready for this -- a topless photo of herself to her boyfriend when she crashed. no one injured, thankfully, but put it on a list of things not to do. yeah. the topless selfie while driving, hitting a police car? just worse and worse. >> oh. well, here's something we wish we could learn how to do on purpose. a woman from north carolina said that she bought a $10 scratch
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and foolishness by throwing money away by winning the lottery. the plan backfired. she won a million bucks. >> sometimes i get aggravating him, and so i tell him. you just wasting your money. i ate my words, but worth eating. i was very happy. >> i'd say. the couple says they won't be scratching as many lottery tickets in coming up, what's opening at the movies this weekend? checking out leonardo dicaprio's documentary and tom hank's entry into the thriller trilogy "inferno," and that's all coming up. >> skid row to easy street. the amazing turn around story of a man who was a homeless heroin addict and now heads up a multimillion dollar juice empire.
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sinex, the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head... ...medicine. video just in showing flames shooting from the engine of a new york bound plane. that's not what you want to see on your plane. the air bus just left argentina when small explosions erupted from the engine, and the packed plane returned to their >> thank goodness for that. a school bus in texas hit the road filled with voters. >> one group of dallas high school students will likely never forget it. the dallas station was there. >> reporter: it's not every day you see a school bus pulling up to a polling place carrying two dozen students ready to vote for the first time. >> i am so excited today that we
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>> reporter: first time anyone can remember cedar hill high school bussing kids to vote. the other place, mountain creek library in dallas, some may not have been able to get here on their open, and others just excited to vote for the first time among classmates and friends. >> it's actually good that we can experience this, not just as app individual, but as a whole class, our whole senior class. >> reporter: students talking about the election in class, and in a contentious campaign season, we were their voices heard. >> i made a difference. that's what went through my head, and my mom's going to be proud, and my dad, and i voted, yeah. >> i finally voted, and it was -- i mean, it was really good. >> reporter: teachers and volunteers registered 70 students to vote this year. they hope it'll inspire these teens to become part of the political process for years to come. >> makes me so happy to see these young people having the
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and just because they are our future. >> the school says it has such an overwhelming reception from students on this they hope to do it again next presidential election. in dallas, monica hernandez, channel 8 news. >> early voting in the dallas area has more than doubled from the previous presidential election. thanks to monica hernandez there at wfaa. coming out, how a drug addict on skid row turned himself into the owner of a juice empire. >> a homelessness and destitution to millionaire status. that's next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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well, we've seen inspiring stories about people turning their lives around, but nothing at all like the man you're about to meet. >> a a few years ago, he was a drug addict on skid row in los angeles, and today, he's the owner of a multimillion dollar juice empire. we're up all night line with nick watt. >> reporter: skid row, los angeles. >> why you here? >> just talking. >> why? >> we're here because for a year and a half, this was his home.
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stuff. i can handle myself, but the smell i'm now sweating, you know. >> bringing you back? >> bringing me back. >> reporter: life as a destitute, helpless. >> teeth rotting, and you have a smell on your body that is so disgusting that it's unbearable. the only thing that you can do at that point is >> reporter: that was 13 years ago. he now has a juice and smoothie empire, some like organic, based in malibu. >> sure. thank you. >> reporter: i'm getting a mildy culty feeling, not in a bad way. >> i'll take it. >> reporter: 200 employees, six stores, two more coming, and devoted celebrity following, no
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it's smoothies now. >> bananas in there? >> all organic? >> beet pollen, seeds. >> almond butter. >> we're in malibu now. >> you're deafdefinitely in mal. >> refrequentive of an addictive personality. >> i appreciate you being polite, but you can say it, i'm an addict through and through. it's not going to >> reporter: his daily fix? hot yoga and that stuff. >> that's the million dollar smoothie, vegan, and goat's clost rum. >> reporter: he wrote a book, i forgot to die. >> to let people know they can change, if you truly want to, you can change. >> reporter: finally, he truly wanted to. found sobriety and juice.
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raw macadamia nuts when i was newly sober and nursed me. >> reporter: it worked. he met haley. >> not everybody can open a chain of juice stores. >> it's not just juices and superfoods, but it's a healthy lifestyle that stave saved my life. >> reporter: l.a. has many juice bars, many fail, but not this one. why has it worked? >> because it's authentic. it's real. >> reporter: nightline in los angeles. >> that is very goods. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> i like to hear that. it is inspiring. someone who had fallen so far can come back and make something huge -- >> absolutely. >> we can all make something happen. >> we can. skid row is, like, blocks and blocks of homeless people. my first chat with abc, done with the live chat, wow, i made
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it's a weekend, and that means we're about to have fun as r. kelly would say. >> my first insomniac theater. >> you always remember your first. >> yes. >> two movies opening this week, so we start with? >> a documentary. we start with dicaprio's documentary following the actor to study the effects of climate change, speaking with figures like president obama, pope francis, and tech innovator elan mosque. >> this is the most important question of our time, the question is, can we change our course in time? >> you need a hundred to get back, transition to sustainable
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energy. >> that's sensationble. >> despite 65% approval, the critics are mixed. before the flood may not tackle too much new ground, but it's ability to assemble such a watchable and comprehensive account gives it an undeniable energy. the film's erases the role of popular agitation in social change. i don't know what that means. celebrities in which people tell us what to think, just get our anger in line. get in formation as queen b. said. >> absolutely. save your money and watch it on nat geo this weekend. >> an important topic. i love him, my fantasy husband, not that my real husband is not a fantasy. >> a trail of clues to dante to
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howard directed brown's best selling novel. hanks racing across europe to recover memories and stop a millionaire from unleashing a virus to wipe out half the world's population. >> it's dante's inferno. >> defined hell 700 years ago. why dante? why this map of held? >> someone created a plague. >> even with that star power right now, can't film. it's a 21% splat on rotten tomatoes saying the endless chasings blur two-hour postcard for italian travel. >> there's something wrong with a movie that makes you envy a squashed corpse. >> ouch. >> ouch. >> i think you got it wrong. that's not tom hanks. it's bill murray. >> looked like bill murray. >> that's the news this half
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this morning on "world news now," a scary landing for pence and reporters covering the republican vice presidential nominee. >> the plane skids off a runway at a busy new york runway. details of what brought the plane to a stop. >> that said, both presidential donald trump hitting hillary clinton about new revelations in wikileak e-mails, and clinton gets superstar support on the campaign trail curtesy the first lady. then dozens arrested in a tense protest over a pipeline project. the scene erupting when demonstrators and police clashed, and someone allegedly firing shots at authorities. and what can big brains do? rocket scientists carve pumpkins


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